Poster presentations
Date & Time
Monday, March 30, 2020, 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM
Glenn Cerosaletti Kristen Marangoni

Join colleagues across the country for informal presentations on topics spanning all areas of our work. Poster sessions cover everything from reflections on engaged scholarship and service learning to great examples of the work going on in our communities.


Assessing Community Engagement Courses: Are We Doing What We Think We’re Doing?
Sarah Beth Dempsey

Many Ways Forward: Comparative Program Models for Inclusive Community Engagement
Joy Das, Stefana Soitos, Amanda Wittman

Multi-Institution Collaboration Engages Community Partner for 24-HR Challenge
Larry Jinkins, David Pierce, Daniel Underberg

Creating a Culture of Civic Engagement in the Humanities
Sally Stanton

Creating a Multi-Disciplinary Internship Seminar Curriculum to Deepen Student Experiences
Megan Straughen

The impact of one community engagement experience on student success and retention
Ben Calabretta, Jessica Perone

Institutionalizing Equity-Based Course Frameworks: Supporting Faculty and Data Collection
Judy Botelho, Loren Collins, Mary D’Alleva, Carina Sass, Francine Redada

Scaling up: increasing student capacity to address systemic change
Mike Bishop

All Together Now: Participatory Techniques for Community-Engaged Teaching and Learning
Celine Fitzmaurice, Jennifer Alkezweeny

An Inquiry into the Effects of Community-Based Research on Student Writing
Kristen Marangoni

Institutional Commitment to Engagement: Building Elements to Sustain Programs
Megan Fogarty

Institutionalizing Voter Registration and Civic Engagement
Matthew Bell

Centering community voices at a decentralized university: Building sustainable partnerships
Jamie Williams, Steve Grande

“I will never forget this experience”: Historical perspectives from an Alternative Breaks Program
Connor Jones

Interrupting Racism, Supporting Adolescent Student Voice & Engagement: What Social Studies Teacher Candidates Can Do
Gayle Thieman, Ben Bruhn

Advocacy Institutionalized through Service Center: Philosophy and Programs to Train and Engage
Jessica Trout

Sowing the seeds for democratic engagement at your institution
Amber Sievart, Alexis Wallace

The Relationship is What Matters: Community Practices with Long Term Effects
Dahlia Castillo, Laura Antillon

Implementing High-Impact Practices in Higher Education to Support Democracy, Opportunity and Voice
Martha Parrott

Service-learning as a practical introduction to undergraduate public health.
Meghan Mason, D’Ann Urbaniak Lesch

Independent Student-Community Projects: Creating Space for Student Voice
Megan Medina, Megan Peterson

Student-led Community Dialogue: Communication Ethics in a Post-Truth World
J.J. Sylvia IV

Decolonizing Approaches to Inclusive Discussions and Trainings: Lessons from Indigenous Perspectives
Laurie A. Walker, Turquoise Devereaux

Creating Service-Learning Faculty Development Programs: Behind the Scene Steps Include All Voices
Donna Pawlowski, Colleen Greer, Debbie Guelda

Integrating Student Leadership in Global Learning through Service Peer Educators
JLP Prince

Civic Courage across Curriculum: Service Learning from Teacher Training to Graduate Education
Svetlana V. Tyutina, Susan Campbell, Nancy-Jean Pément, Steve Hart, Danielle Spratt

Good Design Work is Not a Free Movie: Funded Community-Engaged Scholarship
Jana Minifie, Hannah Park

Aligning Community Engagement with Institutional Identity to Create Student Engagement Opportunities
Shalom Staub, Doug Barrera

Re-imagining School and Community Across the Lifespan: Transforming Education, Transforming You
Mary Jane Eisenhauer, Anne E. Gregory

Starting from Scratch; building community engagement from the ground up.
Debbie Guelda, Colleen Greer, Donna Pawlowski

The Neoliberal Transformation of Higher Education
Michael Nordquist, Sara Shuman, Kimberly Rogers

The University Voice as the Catalyst for Significant, Meaningful, and Lasting Community Engagement
Julia Heinen, Deborah Cours, Jeanne Minge, Svetlana Tyutina

Institutionalizing Service-Learning, Lessons Learned over 20 years at a Rural Public College
Lisa Nelson, Laura Dendinger, Jean Karlen

Centering Youth Power, Not Cages
Cam Peridido, Olivia Gardner

Strategic Partnership Decisions though Data Democratization
Keristiena Dodge, Sachin Pawaskar, Julie Dieberger, Deborah Smith-Howell, Robyn Loos, LaTrina Parker Hall

High impact learning unification: Value of integrating volunteer systems in institutional engagement
Christina Arnold, John Ray Roberts, Conway Saylor

Welcome Home: Utilizing Place-Based Education and Social Justice Training During Orientation
Savannah-Jane Griffin, Amber Finnicum-Simmons, Joanne Harris-Duff

Ethical Dilemmas, Tensions, and Contradictions in the Practice of Participatory Action Research
Joanne Tien

Motivating Inclusive Community-Based Learning through Design Thinking
Danielle Lake, Morgan Kearns

Bridging the Civic Engagement Gap: Secondary, Higher-Ed, and CBOs
Amanda Ebokosia

Community-Centered Engagement: A Framework for Community Engagement with Community Partners in Mind
Colton Strawser

Programming for Intellectual Freedom: How Libraries Can Host Conversations on Controversial Topics
Edward Remus

Providing Equitable and Quality of Services to All through Community Outreach Services
Ying-Chiao Tsao

MLK Day of Service: A Model for Success
Abby Honaker Schroeder

The injustice of Food: Developing A Community Food System Approach
Vernette Doty, Bavneet Kaur

Fostering a Culture of Community Engagement Across Campus: Lessons Learned from Rebuilding the Jane Addams Center at Rockford University
Mary Weaks-Baxter, Ashni Gandhi

Civic Corners: Register. Write. Make Change.
Abby Honaker Schroeder

Advancing Equity and Inclusion Through Engagement
Glenn Cerosaletti, Lorna Washington, Reinhild Steingrover, Kirsten Agyare Kumi, Mercedes Ramirez Fernandez

Healthy People Healthy Environments:Collaborations for Education and Research Diversity
Dahlia Castillo, Pema Garcia

Engaging Graduate Students: Opportunities and Challenges in Approaching Community-Based Research
Joanne Tien, Stephanie Robillard

Social Justice and Advocacy Series: Development, Changes, and Impact
Jessica Trout, Ben Smyth

Co-Teaching with Community: Engagement, Learning, and Challenging “Expertise” in Higher Education
Sara Schuman, Kempis Songster

A New Path to Student Success: Using the Co-Curriculum to Meet Graduation Requirements
Vernette Doty, Brian O’Bruba


Location Name
Columbia Ballroom Foyer
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Hyatt Regency Seattle
808 Howell St
Seattle, WA 98101
United States
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Poster Session