What is the Compact20 Virtual Gathering?

After the Compact20 national conference that was scheduled to be held in Seattle was canceled due to the ongoing spread of COVID-19, we decided to offer part of that conference virtually. The Compact20 Virtual Gathering presents highlights of what you would have experienced in Seattle in a free and accessible online format. The gathering will take place over three days (May 11-13) and offer sessions and valuable opportunities for networking.


How do I join the virtual gathering?

We will be streaming the virtual gathering live on our YouTube channel and sharing content widely across social media, so it will be very easy to join. To make sure you don't miss anything, we recommend signing up for email alerts.


Do I have to register?

No! The Compact20 Virtual Gathering is free to join and open to everyone.


Will there be opportunities for participation?

Yes! The live streaming software we'll use is equipped with chat functionality. Ask a question in the chat; our staff will be compiling questions from the crowd to ask the speakers. There will also be opportunities to participate in discussion more directly during the networking portions of the event.


Will there be opportunities for networking?

Yes! There will be two networking sessions built into the Virtual Gathering. We will create a workspace in Slack to conduct the networking sessions, so it may be helpful for you to set up a Slack account now, if you don't already have one. In our Slack workspace, we'll create separate rooms for conversations around interest areas, conference sessions, and more—so there will definitely be something meaningful to you! We'll share more details about how to access our networking space—including some detailed directions for those who aren't technically inclined—when we get closer to the virtual gathering.


Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes. We will record all sessions and post them on our YouTube channel. However, we recommend participating live whenever you can, so you don't miss out on opportunities for asking questions and networking.


How did you select the sessions?

Offering a virtual conference came with technical and time limitations that restricted what sessions we could offer. We chose to offer just a few sessions that illustrate some of the highlights of Compact20 and translate well to an online format. Unfortunately, this means that the vast majority of Compact20 sessions could not be included in the virtual gathering. However, keep an eye out for our next National Webinar Series and the 2021 regional conferences. You might just see some Compact20 content making a reappearance!


Do I have to stay for every session?

No (but we won't be able to help you with the FOMO that comes with missing this awesome content).


How will you moderate discussion?

We know that the Campus Compact network is a kind and caring community where people look out for one another. However, we understand that offering a free and open virtual conference comes with a risk that not everyone who joins will be on their best behavior.

We require that everyone who participates in our virtual conference abide by our code of conduct. We will have staff monitoring discussion to ensure this is the case. If any person who joins the conversation violates our code of conduct, they will be immediately barred from participating in the remainder of the event.

If you see any instances of harmful, disruptive, or offensive comments that violate our code of conduct, please immediately report it to a member of staff or submit it anonymously at




What is Compact20?

Compact20 is Campus Compact’s 2020 biennial national conference. On March 10, 2020, Compact20 was canceled due to the ongoing spread of COVID-19. Read more here >


How can I get a refund for my registration?

Cancel your registration by completing our online form: We will accept requests for refunds through the end of the day on April 1, 2020.


How can I help Campus Compact?

Although it was the right thing to do, Campus Compact will pay a significant financial price for canceling Compact20 and we could use your support. If you are in a position to help us weather this storm, we will appreciate it greatly. One way to help is by forgoing your refund. You can also make a direct contribution to Campus Compact at Either way, we will be immensely grateful.


Will you postpone or reschedule the conference?

We will not postpone or reschedule the in-person gathering. However, we will look forward to seeing everyone in person at Compact22 and at the regional conferences in the spring of 2021.


Will you offer the conference in another format?

Yes! Please join us for the Compact20 Virtual Gathering. You can learn more about it on the homepage of this site (!


Will attendees be refunded for hotel costs?

Campus Compact will not refund hotel costs.  Please contact your hotel/lodging directly to cancel reservations.


Will attendees be refunded for airline tickets?

Campus Compact will not refund individual airline ticket costs. Please contact your airline directly regarding ticket cancellations. If you purchased travel insurance, please contact your provider for information and next steps.


Still have questions? If there’s anything we left unanswered, contact us at to speak directly to a member of the Campus Compact team.