How do I access the conference?
Everyone who is registered for the conference will receive an email with a link to Hubilo, our virtual conference platform, a few days before the event starts. You can also access the platform directly at To log in, you’ll need the email address that you used to register for the conference and the verification code Compact22.

Can I create my own schedule?
Absolutely! Visit the Agenda section of Hubilo from the top menu to see a full list scheduled sessions. There are two ways we recommend creating your personalized agenda:

  • Create a schedule in Hubilo: 
    Click the calendar icon on the top right corner of a session to add it to your Hubilo schedule. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you hover over the icon and see the “Add to My Schedule” pop up. Once you've added sessions, access your schedule by clicking the calendar icon on the top menu (to the left of your profile picture). This is a great tool for organizing all the meetings and sessions you have planned for Compact22.
  • Add sessions to your Google, Outlook, or Yahoo calendar:
    Click the calendar icon found to the right of the session name to add it to your personal calendar. You’ll know your in the right place when you hover over the icon and see the “Add to Your Calendar” pop up.

Are there exhibitors? Where do I find them?
We have several exhibitors at the conference eager to meet you! Find exhibitor booths by navigating to the Exhibitors section from the top menu. 

What’s the leaderboard?
The leaderboard rewards you for participating in conference activities. To see current standings and learn more about how to earn points, click the trophy icon in the right sidebar menu. The top five attendees with the most points at the end of the Compact22 conference will receive a special prize!

How do I earn points?
You can earn points by interacting with the conference in lots of different ways! To see a full list of all the ways you can earn points, click the trophy icon on the right sidebar menu in Hubilo to open the leaderboard. Once it's open, you can find the points table in the top right corner. Click the button to see all the point-earning activities and their values.

What kinds of sessions are available? How do I participate?
There are several breakout session types offered as part of Compact22, each offering different ways to interact with and learn from session material. Here's what you should know:

  • Watch Parties - During this session, participants will join as presenters screen a pre-recorded presentation. Presentations will last 20 minutes and participants may use the chat functionality to ask questions during the screening. After the presentation ends, participants will spend the rest of the session time in Q&A and discussion.
  • Roundtable Discussions - Roundtable discussions will be used to workshop ideas, gather feedback, and work collaboratively toward solutions. In small groups of 8-10, participants will discuss an initiative, project, or program that is in development.
  • Knowledge-to-Action Workshops - Knowledge-to-Action sessions are focused on sharing specific knowledge, theories, skills, or methods for practical application. These sessions will be highly interactive and all participants will leave with actionable recommendations for practice.
  • Lightning Talks - These 5-7 minute pre-recorded videos delivered in either Pecha Kucha or Ignite talk format will be curated into themed groups of 4-5 videos. After the lightning talks are screened, participants will join presenters of all video creators for Q&A. Lightning talks will also be made available as on-demand content for conference attendees

Why doesn’t the conference include a land acknowledgment?
Campus Compact is currently pausing our practice of land acknowledgement and associated welcoming rituals as we reflect on their usage in light of concerns and critiques, such as those raised by members of the Association of Indigenous Anthropologists.



What networking opportunities are there?
We know that one of the best things about the Compact network is the connections we help build between our members all over the country. The conference has multiple dedicated spaces for networking and discussion and offers even more opportunities for informal connection.

  • Networking area: Every day there are general networking tables available in the lounge. These unmoderated discussion tables can host up to 16 people in discussion. At these tables, you can use audio and video to talk face-to-face or use text chat to contribute.
  • Rooms: Each day, during Choose Your Own Adventure time, we’ll offer facilitated discussions on a variety of topics. Explore the Rooms section to learn more about scheduled topics and facilitators.
  • Meetings: As an attendee, you can request to meet with other attendees in one-to-one meeting rooms that include audio and video. Simply navigate to the People section of Hubilo to view profiles, request meetings, or send direct messages to other attendees.
  • Text chat: Text chat will be available for conference attendees both within sessions and throughout the conference as a whole. To access chat, expand the right sidebar menu. You can add comments, ask questions of other attendees, create polls, send images, and more.

Can I meet one-on-one with someone or chat with another attendee?
To set up a meeting with another person, make your way to the People section of Hubilo from the top menu. From here, you can view, filter, and sort lists of attendees and speakers who will be at the conference. If you’re looking for someone in particular, you can also search by name. Once you find who you’re looking for, click their name to chat or request a meeting.

How can I connect with like-minded people?
The Compact network is a very welcoming place, so expect a warm welcome from just about anyone! However, if you’d like to find folks with a similar role to you or who share your interests, use the filters in the People section of Hubilo to search by primary role, interests, institution, job title, and more. 

Make sure you enter this information on your own profile too, so people can find you! You can update your profile by clicking your profile picture in the top right corner. In the primary tab, you can add a headshot and some biographical information. Look above your profile to find some additional fields—you can select the Interests tab to update your selected interests and the Social Links tab to update your links to social profiles.

How will you moderate discussion?
We know that the Campus Compact network is a kind and caring community where people look out for one another. However, we understand that in a virtual event, there is a risk that not everyone who joins will be on their best behavior. We require that everyone who participates in our virtual conference abide by our code of conduct. We will have staff monitoring discussion to ensure this is the case. If any person who joins the conversation violates our code of conduct, they will be immediately barred from participating in the remainder of the event. If you see any instances of harmful, disruptive, or offensive comments that violate our code of conduct, please immediately report it to a member of staff or submit it anonymously at



Will sessions be available to watch later?All watch parties, general sessions (with the exception of the keynote), and lightning talks are being recorded and will be available to watch shortly after the session ends. Some workshops may also be recorded, depending on format. You’ll be able to find out whether a session will be recorded by checking the tag beneath the session description in the Agenda section of Hubilo. If you would like a full list of sessions that are recorded, navigate to the Agenda section and filter by the “recorded” tag.

How do I access recorded sessions?
Recordings from sessions will be available for viewing within 90 minutes of the session ending. You can watch recorded sessions in the Agenda section of Hubilo—simply find the session you’d like to watch and click the “watch session” tab.

How long will we have access to the conference platform?
The conference platform will be live for 30 days after the conference—so don’t worry, ou can come back at any time in that window to see recordings of sessions you may have missed. After the 30 days are up, we’ll share session recordings with attendees so you can still access them.

Where can I learn more about Campus Compact and their offerings?
It’s easy! Visit our website at for the latest events, programs, and resources. We also invite you to visit us in the “Ask Campus Compact” room each day during Choose Your Own Adventure blocks.



Help! I can’t log into the conference platform.
Having difficulty accessing the conference? First, double-check to make sure the email address you’re using matches the one from your conference registration. If that doesn’t seem to be the issue (or if you need to make a change to your email address), please contact Lauren at for assistance.

How can I opt out of direct messaging and sharing personal information?
Click on your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen to access your preferences menu. Go to settings to select to opt out of chat messages, meeting requests, or hide your profile from other conference attendees.

How can I turn off notifications from the conference platform?
Click on your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen to access your preferences menu. Go to settings and then navigate to the notifications tab to customize your notifications.

How do I report inappropriate behavior?
If someone is being offensive or inappropriate in violation of Campus Compact’s code of conduct please contact email us at or submit a report anonymously at Additionally, the event platform allows you to flag specific comments, images, videos, and messages directly. If you see something there that violates the code of conduct, click "report item" to notify the Compact team.

How do I get more help?
There are two ways to contact us:

  • Get in touch with us in Hubilo: Navigate to the People section of Hublio and search for "conference staff." Send us a message detailing what you need help with, and we'll respond as soon as possible.
  • Send an email: Reach out to conference organizers at Help us understand that you need immediate assistance by entering “Issue/Question for Compact22” in the subject line.



Can I register for Compact22?
Yes! Anyone can attend Compact22. Visit our pricing & registration page to sign up. Because this is a virtual conference, it's not too late—you can sign up at any time!

Do I need to be a Campus Compact member to attend?
No. Anyone is welcome to attend! (But don't be surprised if you find yourself joining soon after.)

How can I edit my registration?
Click here to make changes to your existing registration. If you need help, contact us at

How can I cancel my registration?
We accepted cancelations until March 21, 2022. Since the conference is so soon, we can no longer accept cancelations. However, at any point before the conference, you may transfer your full registration to another person at no cost by contacting us at

How can I register a group?
During registration, you will be able to add multiple guests in one transaction. Groups of five or more will be eligible for one of our lowest rates. All guests registered as part of a group must be from the same Campus Compact member institution.

Do I need to sign up for specific sessions?
No. Registered attendees may attend any general session, breakout session, or opportunity listed in the conference schedule. However, you will have the opportunity to craft your own agenda in advance to help you decide what sessions work best for you

How do you determine the cost of registration?
We work hard to keep the cost of registration low—but even virtual events involve numerous expenses. We set a goal to break even on conference costs by pursuing ambitious fundraising goals to subsidize conference costs. We are always looking for sponsors & exhibitors to contribute to help us keep our conference as budget-friendly as possible. If you have sponsorship ideas or opportunities you would like to share, please contact us at

Are scholarships available?
We do not currently offer scholarships for free admission. We are proud to offer lower, more affordable rates to students, AmeriCorps members, and community partners who may not have conference funding or professional development budgets. We can so in part thanks to attendees choosing to pay our equity rate—an optional, higher-priced ticket for folks who are able to pay more. Those who select the equity rate help subsidize the cost of these lower-priced tickets.

We also seek opportunities from sponsors that may enable us to offer scholarships for free admission in the future. In the event that scholarships become available, we will send that information out to our mailing list.

What discounts are available?
Discounted admission will be available to all faculty and staff at Campus Compact member institutions. To find out if you are a member, contact Natalie Furlett at Discounted admission is also available for groups of five or more from a Campus Compact member institution, students, AmeriCorps members, and community partners.



How can I present a session?
Our call for proposals closed October 15, 2021. We built our conference agenda by inviting faculty, staff, students, and community partners to submit sessions for inclusion in the conference. The full agenda is live now! Visit our program page to view details.

How did you select the sessions?
Sessions were selected from proposals submitted by faculty, staff, students, and community partners. Proposals were reviewed and evaluated by a committee of Compact staff and other experts in the field.


Still have questions? If there’s anything we left unanswered, contact us at to speak directly to a member of the Campus Compact team.