How do I join the Virtual Summit?

The Virtual Summit will be hosted on Zoom. Once you register, we will provide you with a Zoom link. Click that link on the date & time of the Summit to join. If you don’t already have a Zoom account, it’s recommended that you set one up in advance of the Summit.


Is there a cost for registration?

No. Participation in the Virtual Summit is free.


How do I participate?

The Summit will be hosted on Zoom. We recommend you join from a computer with a camera and a microphone so you can participate in conversation. If you’d rather not speak out loud, use the chat function in Zoom to comment and ask questions. Learn more about using Zoom at


Can I send someone in my place?

No. This is a meeting of presidents and chancellors, and registration will be limited to people in those roles.

However, we know you may want certain staff members to join you for specific aspects of the event and they are welcome to do so. To invite a staff member to join, simply add them to your registration. They will then be sent all the information they need to join the Summit. To ensure this event is exclusive to presidents, chancellors, and those they invite to join them, we will be removing all individual registrants who are not in a president or chancellor role.


Will the sessions be recorded?

We’ll record the main sessions and send links to participants. Breakout conversations will not be recorded or shared publicly.


How will you moderate discussion?

We require that everyone who participates in our virtual conference abide by our code of conduct. We will have staff monitoring discussion to ensure this is the case. If any person who joins the conversation violates our code of conduct, they will be immediately barred from participating in the remainder of the event.

If you see any instances of harmful, disruptive, or offensive comments that violate our code of conduct, please immediately report it to a member of staff or submit it anonymously at