Storymapping and Creative Documentation: Telling the Story of Community Engagement
Date & Time
Thursday, March 31, 2022, 3:45 PM - 4:35 PM

With the increased need to tell the story of community engagement along with increasing needs for virtual communication methods, we turned to creative documentation through storymapping and a Community Checkbox to document and enhance connections between all service learning, community engagement, and civic engagement activities connected with the university. The project began as a way to display and encourage partnership networks and geographic and issue-based impact connections through our Engaged Department Initiative, and quickly expanded to become a means of communicating the story of community engagement with policy makers, senior administration, community partners, students, and other stakeholders.

|Learning outcomes:

  • Explore two methods of creatively documenting community-engaged work: Community Checkbox and storymapping using ArcGIS
  • Reflect on their own methods of documenting and displaying community-engaged work and how they might expand audiences, encourage partnership connection and formation, and organize and visually display community-engaged efforts
Session Type
Watch Party
Meeting Times

3:45 PM-4:35 PM Eastern | Breakout Sessions