What is Compact22?
Compact22 is Campus Compact’s 2022 biennial national conference. It is the largest and most inclusive national conference focused on the role of higher education in building healthy communities.

How do I join?
Compact22 will be held remotely. We’re working hard to make sure it’s easy to join and full of interactive, in-depth opportunities for learning, sharing, and networking. We’ll share a lot more information about how to engage with the conference (including helpful how-to guides) as we get closer to the date of the event.

Will there be opportunities for participation?
Absolutely! We’re determined to make Compact22 the best virtual event we’ve ever hosted. Through workshops, networking opportunities, and much more, we’ll make sure you’re fully engaged in the conference.



Can I register for Compact22?
Yes! Anyone can attend Compact22. Visit our pricing & registration page to sign up. If you're not quite ready to register today, be sure to sign up here to get on the Compact22 email list—we’ll make sure you get all the latest information about exciting sessions, networking opportunities, and more.

Do I need to be a Campus Compact member to attend?
No. Anyone is welcome to attend! (But don't be surprised if you find yourself joining soon after.)

How can I edit my registration?
Click here to make changes to your existing registration. If you need help, contact us at conference@compact.org.

How can I cancel my registration?
Cancel your registration by emailing us at conference@compact.org before March 21, 2022, to be refunded the value of your ticket less a $25 cancelation fee. We are unable to offer refunds for cancellations after March 21, 2022. However, at any point before the conference, you may transfer your full registration to another person at no cost by contacting us at conference@compact.org.

How can I register a group?
During registration, you will be able to add multiple guests in one transaction. Groups of five or more will be eligible for one of our lowest rates. All guests registered as part of a group must be from the same Campus Compact member institution.

Do I need to sign up for specific sessions?
No. Registered attendees may attend any general session, breakout session, or opportunity listed in the conference schedule. However, you will have the opportunity to craft your own agenda in advance to help you decide what sessions work best for you



How do you determine the cost of registration?
We work hard to keep the cost of registration low—but even virtual events involve numerous expenses. We set a goal to break even on conference costs by pursuing ambitious fundraising goals to subsidize conference costs. We are always looking for sponsors & exhibitors to contribute to help us keep our conference as budget-friendly as possible. If you have sponsorship ideas or opportunities you would like to share, please contact us at conference@compact.org.

Are scholarships available?
We do not currently offer scholarships for free admission. We are proud to offer lower, more affordable rates to students, AmeriCorps members, and community partners who may not have conference funding or professional development budgets. We can so in part thanks to attendees choosing to pay our equity rate—an optional, higher-priced ticket for folks who are able to pay more. Those who select the equity rate help subsidize the cost of these lower-priced tickets.

We also seek opportunities from sponsors that may enable us to offer scholarships for free admission in the future. In the event that scholarships become available, we will send that information out to our mailing list.

What discounts are available?
Discounted admission will be available to all faculty and staff at Campus Compact member institutions. To find out if you are a member, contact Natalie Furlett at nfurlett@compact.org. Discounted admission is also available for groups of five or more from a Campus Compact member institution, students, AmeriCorps members, and community partners.



How can I present a session?
Our call for proposals closed October 15, 2021. We built our conference agenda by inviting faculty, staff, students, and community partners to submit sessions for inclusion in the conference. The full agenda is live now! Visit our program page to view details.

How did you select the sessions?
Sessions were selected from proposals submitted by faculty, staff, students, and community partners. Proposals were reviewed and evaluated by a committee of Compact staff and other experts in the field.

Do I have to stay for every session?
No (but we won't be able to help you with the FOMO that comes with missing this awesome content).

Will sessions be recorded?
If you register for the conference, you will have access to recordings of select sessions through our event platform. However, some workshops and interactive experiences are meant to be experienced live. This is why we recommend participating whenever you can, so you don't miss out on opportunities for discussion, workshops, and networking.



What is the conference code of conduct?
Please read and follow Campus Compact's code of conduct.

Will there be opportunities for networking?
Yes! We know that one of the best things about the Compact network is the connections we help build between our members all over the country. We will build in dedicated time for networking and discussion, as well as more informal opportunities for connection. We'll share more details about how to best access networking opportunities—including some detailed directions for those who aren't technically inclined—when we get closer to the event.

How will you moderate discussion?
We know that the Campus Compact network is a kind and caring community where people look out for one another. However, we understand that offering a virtual conference comes with a risk that not everyone who joins will be on their best behavior. We require that everyone who participates in our virtual conference abide by our code of conduct. We will have staff monitoring discussion to ensure this is the case. If any person who joins the conversation violates our code of conduct, they will be immediately barred from participating in the remainder of the event. If you see any instances of harmful, disruptive, or offensive comments that violate our code of conduct, please immediately report it to a member of staff or submit it anonymously at compact.org/code-of-conduct.


Still have questions? If there’s anything we left unanswered, contact us at conference@compact.org to speak directly to a member of the Campus Compact team.