With the election looming, Living Room Conversations has launched an audacious campaign, Trust in Elections, to improve local trust in the election process and move us toward safe, fair and transparent elections.

Join this workshop to learn more about the campaign and how you can receive funding for your campus to participate. After a 20-minute presentation, we will explore questions from the Trust in Elections conversation guide that you can bring to your campus community.

  • When in your life have you intentionally built trust? How might it be applicable to building trust in our local voting practices and elections?
  • How do you define trust in elections and how have you experienced it over time? What could inspire more trust in local election practices for you?

Who should attend?

This event is free and open to members and non-members. Whatever your position on campus, you will find ways to apply the content presented and are encouraged to attend. 

Meet the Facilitator:

Becca Kearl

Executive Director, Living Room Conversations

Questions? Get in touch with us at events@compact.org.