Campus Compact is pleased to share this offering for faculty, community engagement professionals, and others interested in using the deliberative dialogue method as an educational tool for building student capacity to engage in thoughtful, constructive, and critical discussions of public questions. Upon registering, you will receive 1) a moderator guide to review in preparation for the training, 2) a recording of a moderator training facilitated by Leslie Garvin, North Carolina Campus Compact, and 3) an invitation to join a live session with colleagues to reflect on the use of the model.

This training focuses on the National Issues Forums method of public deliberation and includes an overview of the theory of deliberative pedagogy and a deep dive into the method and practice of deliberative dialogue. Participants engage in a practice forum and receive strategies and tools for effective moderation with specific attention to online formats.

The offering is facilitated by Leslie Garvin, MSW, Executive Director of North Carolina Campus Compact. As a facilitator and trainer, Leslie has more than 20 years of experience working with community groups, faculty, students, and administrators.

Campus Compact is grateful to Up to Us for their partnership in support of student civic learning and deliberative dialogue.



Leslie Garvin
Executive Director
North Carolina Campus Compact
Leslie Garvin, MSW, is the Executive Director of North Carolina Campus Compact, where she leads their efforts to find common ground for action on pressing community issues through the use of deliberative dialogue. Since 2013, NC Campus Compact has trained over 550 faculty, staff, students, and community members from 71 colleges and universities to moderate deliberative dialogues. Leslie also facilitates the Compact's faculty engagement initiatives including the Community of Practice, inquiry, and Learning (COPIL) and Partnerships: A Journal of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement.

As attending a live session is always the best way to learn and practice deliberative dialogue moderation, contact Leslie Garvin at for more information on training sessions for groups of students, faculty, or others at your institution.