Full Name
Harry Dunn
Private First Class
U.S. Capitol Police
Speaker Bio
Harry A. Dunn joined the U.S. Capitol Police (“USCP”) in 2008 and since 2011 has served at the officer rank as a Private First Class (“PFC”). Since 2009, PFC Dunn has been assigned to a USCP First Responder Unit responsible for maintaining perimeter security around the exterior of the U.S. Capitol, thereby creating a safe environment within the Capitol complex for Members of Congress, congressional staff and employees, and visitors to the Capitol.

During the course of his tenure with USCP, PFC Dunn has provided security for scores of major events at the Capitol, including presidential inaugurations, joint sessions of Congress, and State of the Union addresses. He has participated in the USCP’s response to hundreds of protests and demonstrations where individuals gathered at the Capitol have peacefully exercised their First Amendment rights. He has also served as an Incident Commander responsible for responding to emergency situations such as attempted breaches of the Capitol perimeter or the discovery of suspicious packages. In addition, PFC Dunn has served as a Crisis Intervention Officer responsible for assisting individuals who may be experiencing a mental crisis, and as a member of USCP Crisis Negotiation Teams trained to respond to hostage or barricade situations. PFC Dunn also participates in USCP programs and activities to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion within the USCP.

PFC Dunn has received several awards and commendations for his exemplary service in the USCP, including the Capitol Police Service Medal, the Capitol Police Achievement Medal, and a commendation for interdicting an individual in possession of a firearm who was attempting to enter the Capitol.

PFC Dunn graduated from James Madison University in 2005 with a B.S. degree in Health Science with a concentration in public health education.
Harry Dunn