Full Name
John Reiff
Director of Civic Learning and Engagement
Massachusetts Department of Higher Education
Speaker Bio
I have worked with service-learning and civic engagement since 1980 as a faculty member, center director, and now in a role with the MA Dept. of Higher Education that allows me to work with the champions for civic learning and engagement across our statewide system of public colleges and universities.  My major areas of focus the past several years have been: 1) faculty development connecting commitments to racial equity and justice with civic learning and engagement, and 2) helping our campuses build curricular programs that prepare students for careers in community organizing and development in the communities in which they live (see www.communitylearningpartnership.org for the model I'm following).I have published a variety of things over the years; my most recent work is as co-editor of the 2023 Campus Compact book Anti-Racist Community Engagement: Principles and Practices.  I consult with campuses across the country.
John Reiff