The Promise of Full Participation:
Resilience & Responsibility for Racial and Environmental Justice

Compact21 is the Western and Midwestern Campus Compact's 2021 conference series, held virtually on March 17th and May 25th respectively. This series will comprise two 3 hour virtual conferences focused on the theme of Resilience and Responsibility for Racial and Environmental Justice, two components of the systemic injustice that result in the unkept promise of full and equitable participation in education, employment, health care and environmental quality.


Midwest Conference
May 25, 2021, 2PM - 5PM Central

Continuums of Service Western Region Conference
March 17, 2021 (see recording)

Conference participants, students, community partners, national service members, veterans, faculty, staff, and administrators will explore how to partner in renewing the promise of full participation in higher education, a flourishing democracy, and productive, meaningful and gainful careers. In keeping these promises we will support the development of student, community and campus resilience by achieving and defining a civic consensus on our collective boundary-spanning responsibilities for racial and environmental justice.

Our goals for the conferences are to:

  • Accentuate and expand knowledge and understanding for amelioration of racial and environmental justice.
  • Share tactics and strategies for building intra-and inter-campus relationships and practices for individual and community resilience;
  • Identify campus and community collaborations and partnerships to redefine power, privilege and position;
  • Demonstrate and strengthen the connection between community engagement and grass-roots action;
  • Provide examples of how conference participants can confront racial injustice, climate resilience, and the decline of democracy in their own work.
  • Inspire and mobilize actions that measurably improve the quality of life for all, fulfilling the promise; and
  • Energize a regional community of civic engagement scholars and practitioners committed to challenge racial and environmental injustices.

Registration for Compact21 is a benefit of membership in Campus Compact. If your campus is not an active 2020-2021 member with Campus Compact (full list here), the non-member registration rate is $100 per person. If you are not certain of your institution’s membership status, please contact Natalie Furlett