The Campus Compact Community College Network Presidents' Circle is dedicated to connecting Presidents committed to civic and community engagement. It falls within Campus Compact’s broader agenda to more deeply support and engage community college leaders and members. Members of your team have also received invitations to learn about the research, workshops, connection building, and robust activities planned for this coming year.  

The Campus Compact Community College Network President’s Circle will meet virtually throughout the year with opportunities for in-person meetings where feasible. The meetings will be shaped by the needs and interests of participating presidents and chancellors. Our aim is impact, effectiveness, and collaboration in response to the ever-evolving needs of our institutions and the communities we serve.

Co-facilitated & co-led by:

  • Bill Coppola, President–Tarrant County College-Southeast 
  • Stephanie Fujii–President, Arapahoe Community College 
  • Jessica Howard, President–Chemeketa Community College 
  • David Potash, President–Wilbur Wright College–City Colleges of Chicago 

More about our vision and drive for the President’s Circle: 

Community colleges are often called democracy’s colleges. Open to all who seek an education or training, they are gateways to opportunity for individuals, families and entire communities. Community colleges are ladders to a better life, committed to providing high-quality and low cost education to all who want to take part in the American dream. They are community anchors, engines of economic growth, and a powerful force in bringing people together in an increasingly polarized period in our history.

We are in a period of great risk and uncertainty. Enrollment fluctuations, the rapid pace of technological and demographic change, inflexible partisanship, and ever increasing inequities pose great challenges for community colleges. More troubling still, questions of the value and role of higher education complicate the effectiveness of community colleges’ work supporting the health and vitality of the diverse communities we serve. Today, more than ever, it is essential that the community college world frame its value, promote its importance, and emphasize to all that community colleges are the bulwarks of our villages, towns, counties, and cities.

Leading colleges to meet these unprecedented challenges is a high-stakes effort with significant local and national implications. Community college presidents need support and support from each other. To support presidents in their critical roles, Campus Compact, the nation’s premier organization advancing civic engagement and service in higher education, is facilitating a shared space for community college leaders. It will promote connections, enable reflection and dialogue, and generate discussions and plans to advance a collective agenda.