Thursday, December 15, 2022, 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM EST

10 minutes

How did we get here?
(Bobbie Laur, President of Campus Compact & Phyllis Segal, Senior Fellow, CoGenerate)

40 minutes

Digging in and what has surfaced this fall 

  • Grounding cogeneration and what we already know
    (Eunice Lin Nichols, co-CEO, CoGenerate) 
  • Cogeneration in action program highlights 
    • A university-community writing program that created an affordable housing initiative (Rachel Wenrick, Drexel University) 
    • The Intergenerational Community Solutions Institute will launch this year to reduce social isolation and improve health outcomes for all generations (Jessica “Decky” Alexander, Eastern Michigan University)
    • The Citizen Entrepreneur Explorers Program is a group of student researchers focused on gathering information and building partnerships between older business leaders and younger entrepreneurs (Roderick (Shane) Snipes, Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY) 
    • Teaching young people to use the power of film to capture the rich stories and history of older generations in North Carolina and develop solutions that can help create a better future for all (Roderick Heath, Director of the African American Male Initiative at North Carolina Central University and CoGenerate Innovation Fellow)
  • Synthesizing learning and takeaways
    (NJ Pierce, ALI Fellow supporting Campus Cogenerate Initiative) 
  • Clarifying questions

25 minutes

Where do we go from here?
(Breakouts with all participants) 

15 minutes

Report out and wrap-up

Who should attend?

Individuals interested in learning more about and engaging with Campus Cogenerate—a new initiative from Campus Compact & CoGenerate (formally Encore).