Since the 2022 midterm elections, more than eight million youth have become newly eligible to cast their first vote on November 5, 2024. With these young people on track to set the tone and priorities of our national discourse for decades to come, the Close Up Foundation is partnering with the Deliberative Democracy Lab at Stanford University for a groundbreaking experiment in democracy. America in One Room: The Youth Vote will take place this July in Washington, D.C., gathering a scientifically representative sample of 500 first-time voters from across the country. Together, they will deliberate key policy issues facing the nation and listen to the perspectives of peers and experts of all backgrounds. 

As part of the project, Close Up is building a coalition of higher education partners to help highlight the importance of civic education and continue the work of helping young people develop the skills to become informed and engaged citizens.

Come and hear from Close Up’s President and Chief Innovation Officer about America in One Room: The Youth Vote and opportunities for Campus Compact members to get involved!

Who should attend?

This event is open only to active Campus Compact members and are a benefit of Campus Compact membership. If you have a question about your member status, please contact Natalie at

Meet the Speakers:

Mia R. Charity

President, Close Up Foundation 

Lindsay Greenberg

Chief Innovation and Programs Officer, Close Up Foundation

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