Rebuilding Opportunities In Construction: A Multi-Institutional Approach to Skilled Trades Education
Date & Time
Thursday, March 31, 2022, 2:45 PM - 3:35 PM

The mission of The ROC ( is to provide construction skills and job readiness training plus mentorships, college credit, and work-based learning apprenticeships to minorities attending high schools in under-served communities in Charlotte, NC. The ROC seeks to prove that Skilled Trades education is not an inferior path, but an alternate path to financial stability and building generational wealth. Join us to celebrate our student success stories-- testimonies of personal and professional transformations. Also, hear from employers and community partners about the impact that these students have had on their companies, and the impact that the program has had on upward mobility in Charlotte.

|Learning outcomes:

  • The obstacles to upward mobility for segments of Charlotte's population, and how Skilled Trades Education is closing the gap
  • How third-party non-profits can partner with school systems and colleges to enhance employer engagement with students
  • The challenges of marketing trades education to parents, and how those challenges can be overcome.