Engaging the whole campus: how tech and student outreach build inclusive civic engagement programs
Date & Time
Tuesday, March 29, 2022, 3:40 PM - 4:30 PM
Joshua Young

In creating civic engagement and voter turnout programs, program administrators often wonder how to create inclusive programs that engage students regardless of voting eligibility. Over the past three election cycles, Miami Dade College’s Institute of Civic Engagement and Democracy (MDC iCED) and Motivote have worked together to develop an innovative civic engagement and voter turnout program that has increased participation across MDC’s eight campuses and engaged students from diverse backgrounds. The program uses a combination of technology and people power to involve students in the civic process, regardless of their voting eligibility. Using Motivote, MDC has teams at each of its campuses. Student ambassadors conduct outreach to students, who then complete actions to get ready to vote along with broader civic engagement actions. The session will cover how MDC and Motivote have built this program with a focus on: 1. The power of behavioral nudges in increasing civic engagement a. Motivote's core technology uses behavioral nudges, such as reminders and gamification, to guide students through getting ready to vote b. iCED’s Civic Action Scorecard, an existing program added to the Motivote platform, also uses points and awards to encourage student civic participation c. How the combination of these two elements has created strong student participation 2. The student ambassador program a. How MDC and Motivote built the ambassador program b. How it engages students who cannot vote c. Why it’s effective and how it can be implemented on other campuses The panel includes the campus administrator, a former student ambassador, and the founder of Motivote.

|Learning Outcomes:

  • Best practices for building an inclusive voter engagement program
  • How to engage students who are not eligible to vote
  • How to build an ambassador program
  • How technology can be used to strengthen and track this work