Democratic Deliberation in Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement
Date & Time
Thursday, March 31, 2022, 2:45 PM - 3:35 PM

This session highlights a key practice of democratic participation by engaging participants in a deliberative discussion based on the National Issues Forums discussion guide “Youth and Opportunity: What should we do for future generations to thrive?” In addition, participants will learn about a range of complimentary resources available for convening such deliberative discussions on their own campuses as well as micro grants available to support their civic work.

|Learning outcomes:

  • Educating for personal and civic responsibility.
  • Developing understanding through listening, sharing personal stakes, and examining the perspectives of others.
  • Increasing critical thinking through multi-perspective choice work by considering a wide range of potential actions and weighing trade-offs.
Session Type
Knowledge-to-Action Workshop
Meeting Times

2:45 PM-3:35 PM Eastern | Breakout Sessions