Growing Cultural Fluency
Date & Time
Thursday, March 31, 2022, 2:45 PM - 3:35 PM

Developing student's cultural fluency is at the core of the Open Society University Network's (OSUN) civic engagement program. Students working in the local community around Bard College's New York campus work with students at 41 campuses around the globe. What can we learn about our own local community by connecting across a global network and why is it important for students? What does working in an international context bring to the local community? And, how can more institutions work within a local and transnational network to address social issues and expand cultural fluency? Using examples of student collaboration from OSUN's programming, facilitators will help participants consider ways to incorporate globalization into local contexts through discussion, reflection and mind mapping.

|Learning outcomes:

  • Definitions of cultural fluency.
  • Benefits of linking local organizing efforts to international practices and networks.
  • Identify next steps in programming or collaborations across a network.
Session Type
Knowledge-to-Action Workshop
Meeting Times

2:45 PM-3:35 PM Eastern | Breakout Sessions