Abolition as Praxis: An Engaged Research Approach for Confronting Antiblackness
Date & Time
Tuesday, March 29, 2022, 3:40 PM - 4:30 PM

If Abolition is about "building life-affirming institutions,” then we are tasked with creating methods of engagement that challenge anti-black violence. In this workshop, we will discuss how core principles of community-engaged/based research are underwritten by antiblackness and are incommensurable with Black liberation struggle. As a result, we must rethink the (im)possibility of community-engaged/based research’s ability to contend with “the afterlife of slavery. I argue that Abolition as a knowledge system and as praxis can offer us a way to conduct research that affirms Black life. During this session, I focus on six principles from abolitionist traditions that can be used for engaged research that militates against antiblackness and aligns with Black grassroots organizing.

|Learning outcomes:

  • Obtain an understanding of the connection between principles of community-engaged/based research and antiblackness.
  • Learn about Abolition as a knowledge system and form of praxis for Black liberation struggle.
  • Reflect on how abolition can function as an engaged approach to research that challenges antiblackness.
Session Type
Meeting Times

3:40 PM-4:30 PM Eastern | Breakout Sessions