Full Name
Jess Rhodes
CEO & Founder
JSR Strategies
Speaker Bio
In a career that has ranged from serving as executive director of a nonprofit at age 27 to becoming a CEO at 34, Jess has created an impact and a career by doing good. Combining an MBA in nonprofit management and marketing with practical experience, she works with health care, education, arts, and housing organizations across the country to meet their annual fundraising goals by engaging donors more effectively through social media, email, and targeted outreach.

After working at a marketing agency and witnessing a disconnect between clients’ goals and the firm’s values in action, Jess launched her own agency. Today, as CEO and founder of JSR Strategies, a nationwide powerhouse group of creative communications consultants, her work focuses on disseminating and amplifying the messages of community, environmental, and education advocates to help build a better world.
Jess Rhodes