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Sustained over time and meeting regularly throughout the year, affinity networks provide space and structure for members to discuss issues of mutual interest and design creative approaches to advancing higher education community engagement in their institutional contexts. 

Participation is limited to Campus Compact members. Participants commit to attend quarterly scheduled virtual meetings for the affinity group. Meetings will take place online using a webcam. Participants will need access to high-speed internet, a webcam, and an ability to (or willingness to learn how to) use virtual meeting applications like Zoom. Participants may register for multiple groups and volunteer to serve as a facilitator as part of registration. 

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Currently available affinity networks

Community Colleges for Democracy

Any institution of higher education with Carnegie Classification of Associate’s College, Mixed Baccalaureate/Associate's College, and Special Focus Two Year institution.

2021-2022 Meeting Times:
Tuesday, Jul 20 @ 3 PM ET
(Introduction & Information Session)
Wednesday, September 22 @ 3 PM ET
October 5 @ 3 PM ET
Tuesday, November 9 @ 3 PM ET
Tuesday, December 7 @ 3 PM ET
Jan 11 @ 3 PM ET
Tuesday, Feb 8 @ 3 PM ET
Wednesday, March 8 @ 3 PM ET
April 5 @ 3 PM ET
Tuesday, May 10 @ 3 PM ET

Mid-Career Community Engagement Professionals

Engaged professionals (faculty or staff) who have worked in the field of higher education community engagement for 8-15 years)

2021-2022 Meeting Times:
Monday, Jul 19 @ 3PM ET
(Introduction & Information Session)
Monday, Oct 4 @ 3PM ET
Monday, Jan 10 @ 3PM ET
Monday, Apr 4 @ 3PM ET

Minority Serving Institutions

Institutions of higher education enrolling populations with significant percentages of undergraduate minority students or that serve certain populations of minority students under various programs created by congress. Includes: Historically Black colleges or universities, Predominantly Black institutions, Hispanic serving institutions, Tribal colleges or universities, Native American serving nontribal institutions, Alaska native serving institutions, Native Hawaiian serving institutions, Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander serving institutions.

2021-2022 Meeting Times
Thursday, Jul 15 @ 3 PM ET
(Introduction & Information Session)
Wednesday, Oct 6 @ 3 PM ET
Wednesday, Jan 12 @ 3 PM ET
Wednesday, Apr 6 @ 3 PM ET

Rural Serving Institutions

Institutions of higher education that primarily serve rural areas (an area that is defined, identified, or otherwise recognized as rural by a governmental agency of the state in which the area is located).

2021-2022 Meeting Times:
Tuesday, Jul 13 @ 3 PM ET
(Introduction & Information Session)
Thursday, Oct 7 @ 3 PM ET
Thursday, Jan 13 @ 3 PM ET
Thursday, Apr 7 @ 3 PM ET