Full Name
Sandra Kelly
Vice Provost, Director of Global Carolina, and Dean of Undergraduate Studies
University of South Carolina
Speaker Bio
Sandra J. Kelly is the Vice Provost, Director of Global Carolina, and Dean of
Undergraduate Studies at the University of South Carolina (USC), Columbia SC. She
received her Ph.D. from McGill University in 1985 and did postdoctoral work at the
University of Iowa before she began her career at USC in 1988.

Dr. Kelly has oversight of general education requirements, undergraduate academic
initiatives within and beyond the classroom, and international learning. She leads the
American Talent Initiative at the University of South Carolina, aimed at graduating more
students from low-income backgrounds. Global Carolina, which includes the Education
Abroad Office, English Programs for Internationals, and International Student Services,
the Center for Teaching Excellence, the Center for Integrative and Experiential
Learning, Office of On Your Time, the McNair Center Institute for Entrepreneurism and
Free Enterprise, and the University Advising Center directly report to her. Dr. Kelly
shares oversight with the Associate Vice President for Student Housing and
Sustainability of seven Faculty Principals and their living-learning communities.

Dr. Kelly has been the recipient of a number of teaching, mentoring and research
awards including being awarded the Carolina Trustee Professorship for very strong
contributions in research, teaching, and service, Her research has examined the impact
of alcohol exposure during development on the brain and behavior and how different
drug treatments can alleviate the effects seen in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. This
research has been funded by federal agencies and foundations including over 20 years
of funding from National Institutes of Health, March of Dimes, and National Science
Foundation as principal investigator. Dr. Kelly has taught a wide variety of courses
ranging from large introductory psychology courses to small advanced graduate
seminars in neuroscience. Her extensive service to the university includes being Chair
of the Faculty Senate, serving on the University Committee on Tenure and Promotion,
and serving as an Associate Dean in the South Carolina Honors College.
Sandra Kelly