Honoring Ways of Knowing for Biocultural Restoration and Resilience in the Face of Climate Change
Thursday, January 14, 2021
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (EST)

Our civic engagement work with and in diverse communities is authentic to the extent that we honor and amplify the ways of knowing of our partners, be they experts from community-based organizations, communities of color, or the indigenous cultures of our places. Shared respect for different ways of knowing is the foundation for mutually beneficial, lasting and transformational partnerships. Four case studies will highlight the process of honoring community ways of knowing. Participants will reflect on their "amplifying" of the diverse ways of knowing of their community partners, and their "humbling" of their own academic ways of knowing. They will identify existing strong partnerships that provide a bracing foundation for biocultural restoration, environmental justice, community resilience, and climate change. Key Learning Outcomes: Attendees will learn: 1) to amplify diverse ways of knowing and humble their own specialized knowing 2) to prioritize other ways of knowing in building authentic partnerships 3) to identify strong partnerships for biocultural restoration, environmental justice, community resilience and climate change. 4) to value students' diverse ways of knowing

Speakers:  Atina Pascua, Robert Franco, Denise Pierson, Ulla Hasager